Edward Rudnic, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rudnic is a pharmaceutical industry leader in the development and commercialization of products and drug delivery technologies. Prior to his appointment as our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rudnic served as Chief Operating Officer since February 2012. Before his role at QRxPharma, he served as the Managing Director at UnionBridge Management, LLC a venture capital firm dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical companies. Previous to UnionBridge, Dr Rudnic founded Advancis Pharmaceuticals (later renamed MiiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals) using a proprietary drug delivery technology to improve the delivery of existing chemical entities. Dr. Rudnic led the company from concept through initial public offering and into commercialization of its lead product. Dr. Rudnic’s previous experience also includes senior executive and management positions with Shire Pharmaceuticals, Pharmavene, Schering Plough and Bristol Myers-Squibb. Dr. Rudnic earned a B.S. in pharmacy, M.S. in pharmaceutics, and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Rhode Island.