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QRX Pharma Teams Up With To Distribute New Protein

QRX Pharma, a leading nutritional biotechnology company, has joined forces with long time seller of protein powders, Proteinfactory. Proteinfactory has been in business since 1998 and has been a leader in the protein industry for over 20 years. Proteinfactory was the first company to pioneer custom protein powder. In addition, they were the first company to start selling Peptopro, bovine plasma protein, and many more high-quality protein powders. Alex Rogers, owner of Protein Factory also has several inventions including whey protein instantized with egg lecithin and naturally rich follistatin egg protein powder.

Proteinfactory will distribute the 100% hydrolyzed protein powder in the United States to the sports nutrition industry. This powder is a patented and world’s first protein powder that is completely hydrolyzed. To date, all hydrolyzed protein powders are at a maximum 30% hydrolyzed. However, most hydrolyzed protein powders being sold on the market today are only 10% hydrolyzed.

“The problem with hydrolyzed protein powder is the taste.” Say Alex Rogers, President of Protein Factory. “The taste is extremely bitter and that is a big issue with the mass market.”

Alex went on to say that if a hydrolyzed protein powder can taste good and is 100% hydrolyzed it will be a game-changer for the sports nutrition industry. Protein Factory will distribute a mango-flavored version of this new hydrolyzed protein. Alex described the taste as being incredible.

Proteinfactory will begin to distribute the powder at the end of the 3rd quarter fiscal year and should cost about $50.00 per pound at the retail level.

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