dangers of anabolic steroids

Steroids And What They Do To You

The Dangers of Anabolic Steroids and SARMs

You may have heard about anabolic steroids and SARMs from gym-goers and bodybuilders. These guys usually have a 6-pack made of steel, gigantic hands (they could lift you with a finger), and look like the Hulk from behind.

Of course, seeing those gym monsters, you believed them and started thinking about trying out those supplements yourself. Maybe, you’re even taking them now. But, those guys probably told you nothing about the signs of erectile dysfunction or decreasing libido.

This article will tell you about the flip side of steroids and SARMs the manufacturers usually leave behind closed doors. Are you ready?

dangers of anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids vs SARMs

To begin with, some chemicals called anabolic steroids and SARMs are aimed to grow your muscles in no time, i.e. facilitate muscle protein synthesis, without much effort. Quick gain, no pain! Now, let’s get down to details.

Anabolic steroids are chemical substitutes of testosterone, the most important male hormone and the one responsible for sperm production, testicle performance, and fat distribution. Also, this natural anabolic steroid boosts the sex drive, the production of blood cells, and gives more physical strength to men.

On the other hand, SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These compounds are drugs that are similar in function to natural anabolic steroids. They are chemically modified testosterone molecules.

What do steroids and SARMs do? They facilitate muscle protein synthesis and decrease muscle protein breakdown. This leads to faster muscle growth. You can achieve it with a higher intake of protein (1.6 g/kg/day) but steroids and SARMs are claimed to do it way faster.

Sounds appealing, right? What’s more is that these anabolic substances burn your fat, protect the muscle fiber, and make you as strong as hell. However, it’d be too good to be true.

Types of anabolic steroids

There are so many types of these supplements that this page would be endless if we listed all of them. Steroids come in different forms like pills, gels, and even injections. Given that, you can do anything you want with them – eat, drink, put it on your muscles like a cream, or inject them with a needle.

The most popular steroids among bodybuilders and fitness gurus are D-Bal (Dianabol), Nandrolone, Winstrol, Boldenon, as well as Testo-Max, Anvarol, Clenbuterol, and other -bols, -lones, and -rols. FYI, D-Bal was once the favorite steroid of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All of them have different dosages and time to work. Some of them only boost testosterone production, while others work independently from testosterone. Winstrol, for example, doesn’t allow the body to store water for long periods which contributes to better growth of lean muscle.

But don’t forget that some steroids are not certified and are good only for research use. Other steroids are illegal due to harsh side effects like fatigue, hair loss, cancer cell growth, and others. That is why it is not recommended to use steroids at all.

Types of SARMs

Just like anabolic steroids, SARMs can have different forms. These supplements are not legal and are suitable for research use only. The difference between SARMs and steroids is that SARMs seem to be less poisonous and contain fewer chemicals.

Among the most popular SARMs are Ostarine, Ligandrol, Andarine, Testolone, Nutrobal, Cardarine, Ibutamoren, and other -rols and -ines. Some of them are good for getting lean, whereas others deal with bulking. People claim that Ostarine, for instance, even helps to fight muscle wasting and related diseases.

To prove that these compounds affect the brain like drugs, you can find that some of SARMs effects are energy and appetite increase which reminds us of Fluoxetine and Prozac. For the record, these are antidepressants that could be bought only with a prescription.

While some of them have mild side effects like lower testosterone or mood swings, other SARMs may cause high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, a progression of heart diseases, etc. in the long run. That is why it is not recommended to use SARMs at all.

What happens to your muscles when you take steroids or SARMs?

After each workout session, your muscles damage, especially if you’re doing strength training. Nope, there’s nothing wrong with you. It happens to all of us, dude. Luckily, after the damage, muscles can recover.

So, when you’re done with your super-exhaustive exercise, you need to give your muscles a rest. Some people love to drink protein smoothies or shakes 30-40 minutes after the training to help muscles recover faster, while others tend to take SARMs and steroids.

Protein is usually made from organic products like milk, eggs, bones, seeds, groats, and others. On the other hand, SARMs and anabolic steroids are made in a lab and are not even allowed to be taken by humans. SARMs appeared in 1998 and, therefore, have not been studied properly yet.

These supplements go into the DNA and change it. This way, they interfere with normal immune system performance and metabolism. Because of that, muscle protein breakdown rates become way lower than muscle protein synthesis rates. Therefore, you start to burn fat more quickly and see the results immediately.

SARMs and anabolic steroids fill in your muscles and build the muscles of your dreams. However, instead of letting testosterone do this job to make everything right, as it usually happens, these dangerous chemicals do it for it and cause health problems or even stop hormone production.

Side effects of steroids and SARMs

This topic seems to be endless, even though there haven’t been enough clinical trials to see the effects of SARMs and steroids in the long run. So far, it has been proven that these testosterone fakers cause many problems, for example, acne.

What happens? You take these supplements, they enter your cells, go straight to their nuclei, and create new genes that facilitate protein synthesis. They care only about instant gratification and quick muscle growth. But, as soon as you stop taking them, you lose all that mass and “power”.

Because of such a careless attitude to the overall body and the change of DNA, hormones like testosterone and estrogen stop being produced by your body. Hence, the skin problems. Testosterone is a major hormone in a male body, while estrogen rules the women’s kingdom. Both of them are responsible for the proper work of testicles (in men) and the reproduction system (in women).

You probably remember having those nasty pimples during puberty or, at least, have some friends who went through this problem. It happened because our sex hormones started actively producing and made our bodies conform to new rules. While this is a natural process and has its end, SARMs and steroids have no mercy to your health.

While taking them, you feel good the first couple of weeks (maybe months). But then, your new chemically-modified “puberty” begins. Acne steps into this life-and-death game and becomes your first problem.

Then, men start to suffer from shrinking testicles which stops the production of sperm and kills their masculinity. Their hair falls out and they become bald at the age of 20-30. Some men even noticed that their boobs started growing which lowered their self-esteem and wiped out the sex drive.

On the other hand, women notice crazy hair growth rates in places where it shouldn’t be. Young and beautiful women saw whiskers, mustache, and beard growing on their faces. Some women complain about the violation of their menstrual cycle, while others said goodbye to their period forever. Even female voices changed and became deeper.

Both men and women suffered from a weak sexual desire and had problems in bed with their partners. Because of the disappearance of menstruation, women lost their fertility. Male bodies stopped sperm production and lowered the chances of impregnation. Who needs these SARMs and steroids after all? 

What to do if you’re already on steroids or SARMs?

We’re sorry, friend. However, there’s still something you can do. First of all, go to the doctor and tell them about your problem. Don’t ever stop taking these chemicals abruptly. SARMs and steroids are like drugs to your body, so if you stop taking them after a long period of usage, you’re likely to face withdrawal.

What you need to do is to slowly reduce the dose. Then, what steps should be taken next is up to your body. It’s very individual. It’s recommended to list out all the substances for muscle growth or other sports supplements that you take so that your doctor could see the whole picture. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Although steroids and SARMs give instant effects and seem not to ask anything for exchange, that’s not true. In most cases, people who take these hormone-simulating drugs, suffer from numerous problems – from acne to cancer. Thus, it’s better to grow your muscles healthily and make your wellbeing a priority. Good luck!